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The Department of Human Services is accountable to a County Executive Manager, James A. (Andy) Welch.

The Department of Human Services receives funding and review of annual plans, audits, and reviews from the Tooele County Council, a five-person legislative body that guides the County’s interest in all human service needs and concerns.

They do this by depending on Executive Leadership in the Department Supported by regular advice and counsel from a Department of Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) whose “duties are to collaborate, share information, and make recommendations…to improve the availability, quality, and delivery of human services within the county”.

Human Services Advisory Council

The following are current members of the Council and affiliates:

Director of Human Services

Gary K. Dalton

Clinical Manager, OPTUM Behavioral Health

Mark Schull

Tooele County Council Designee

Kendall Thomas

Judicial Branch Representative

Judge Diane Gibson

Law Enforcement Representative

Sheriff Paul Wimmer

Emergency Room Director

Scott Rounds

School District Representative

Mat Jackson

BH/SA Provider

None Appointed

BG/SA Provider

None Appointed

Adult Representative

Jamie Zwerin

Youth Representative

Alexandria Espinoza

Relief Services/Homeless Representative

Christy Johnson

At Large Representative

John Gossett

At Large Representative (DWS)

Roger Gomez

At Large Representative (DCFS)

Ryan Woodmansee

Tooele Dept of Human Services